"Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!" - Nana O. Yeboah, The Vocalist Magazine

"Out now!! The Vocalist Magazine! Featuring: THE RISING STAR - SHIRLEY LEVI" - The Vocalist Magazine

See Shirley Levi on the cover of The Vocalist Magazine and read her exclusive interview

Shirley Levi The Vocalist Magazine Cover

Our U.S Cover features an incredible vocalist from L.A. Shirley Levi. "She writes, sings and performs her own music in addition to owning her own record label, Re-Bel Visionary Music because, unlike so many artists waiting for their big break, Levi does not sit idly by waiting for opportunity" - A young lady who came from Iran with a mission to follow her calling in music. As you will find out reading her interview, she is an inspiration. SHE IS OUR RISING STAR. - Jennifer Meade, President & Co-Founder of The Vocalist Magazine

Shirley Levi featured in The Vocalist Magazine Calendar along with Beyonce, Madonna, Pink, Justin Timberlake and many more...


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For the first time ever, Shirley Levi releases spontaneous live recordings of some of her new songs via ReverbNation to her fans!

These are some quick, one-take wonders of brand new songs which Shirley Levi will be taking into the studio and producing for her next album! Also featured is her previous album "Break Free" including personal remixes by Shirley Levi, AKA: DJ SFL.

(All songs Written, Produced, Performed & Remixed by Shirley Levi).

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Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi's new line of apparel
called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand from her fans
who admire her unique personal style & attitude.

Previous Releases

DOWNLOAD the album "Break Free" on iTunes HERE!

DOWNLOAD Shirley Levi's "Your Eyes" Compilation on iTunes here!!

Listen to Shirley Levi's previous album "Break Free" on ReverbNation


Exciting new music from recording artist, producer and remixer Shirley Levi is now available for tv, film and commercial placement. Shirley Levi's writes in a variety of different styles including Pop, Rock, Folk, Electronic/Dance, Adult Contemporary, Country/Roots and World Music. Her versatility and diversity makes her music perfect for tv, film, commercials, animation, videos, and theatre productions.

Shirley Levi Publishing is offering special clients in television and film a first listen only on this site and offering the following licenses: Mechanical License, Synchronization License, Sample Clearance License, Master Use License.

If you are a Music Supervisor for Film, TV or other media, request you username & password to gain access to Shirley Levi's NEW MUSIC LIBRARY!

Shirley Levi’s DIY Spotlight Article by Bernard Baur for
Music Connection Magazine

Shirley Levi Music Connection

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Shirley Levi opening up for Neil Young's 29th Annual Bridge School Benefit at Shoreline Amphitheater

   Neil Young

I'm soooo proud & deeply honored to have been asked to sign all of my hero, Neil Young's guitars, when I played at his 29th Annual Bridge School Benefit!!

Neil Young

Look for signatures on the guitar as well by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real (With Willy Nelson's boys), Peggy Young, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, St. Vincent, Gary Clark, Jr., Spoon, Nils Lofgren.

Neil Young

'Sheet Music / Diary of a Songwriter' by Devine Evans (Featuring Shirley Levi)

Shirley Levi Sheet Music Diary of a Songwriter

Devine Evans has been a dominant figure in the music industry for over 20 years. He is a five-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, and music programmer.

Shirley Levi contributed her story and gives advice in Chapter 18 of the book and her vocals are featured on the accompanying Sound Track!

About The Book:

The music industry is just one facet of the entertainment business in which artists usually struggle for success. For most, it is a long road of sacrifice and adversity before dreams are realized. Sadly, female artists often face an additional hardship –sexual misconduct on behalf of their male colleagues. These women can endure verbal and physical abuse, harassment, and even rape.

Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter aims to shed light on the sexual injustices female artists can encounter while chasing their dream of a career in the music industry. In an effort to empower these women, Sheet Music shares the stories of a variety of female artists’ personal experiences as well as general advice on how to cope with and safeguard themselves against such abuse and injustice.

Pre-Order The Book & Sound Track Here!

So honored to be working with the legendary Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer
Val Garay & featured on his website:

“Interview with Shirley Levi:
RAWking in a World of Change”

- Steve Byrd, Guitar Girl Magazine

READ the Guitar Girl Magazine interview here!


~ Shirley Levi

Shirley Levi is a self-taught American Rock Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Activist. Her music is a rhythm based, guitar-driven style with soulful yet edgy vocals and unforgettable melodies. She artfully joins her Rock music with Pop, Country, Folk, Blues and World Music in what she calls Shirley RAWk. Shirley Levi is a rebel with a cause, writing freedom-fighting anthems with major punk rock attitude. Her lyrics reflect her undying commitment to making positive change in the world and are filled with timeless messages of unity, compassion and determination. Her music is greatly influenced by music from the 60's and 70's, but with a unique, modern feel, which has earned her endorsements from Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps. Shirley has come a long way from playing the main stages at Hollywood’s most iconic music venues such as Avalon, Saban Theatre, Viper Room, House of Blues, etc…to open for musical legends like Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks, Ben Harper, Ryan Adams & Spoon. She is known for her passionate, dynamic and powerful stage presence. Although she’s recognized for her ‘Do It Yourself’ way of writing, producing and remixing all of her music, she occasionally works with acclaimed producers such as Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias and Madonna), 5x grammy winning producer/sound engineer, Devine Evans (Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige, Chris Brown, Britney, Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, JLO, and many others) and legendary hitmaker Val Garay, whom has garnered over 100 Gold & Platinum Records (Neil Young, Elton John, Ringo Starr, The Rolling Stones, Dolly Parton, James Taylor, Linda Rodstadt, Seals & Croft, Kim Carnes and many more legendary acts) and whose albums have sold over 200,000,000 copies worldwide. Shirley is also collaborating with hitmaker Jesse Barish, whom wrote chart-topping songs for artists like Jefferson Starship and Marty Balin.

Shirley has also been featured in Indie Artist Magazine, Yahoo!Voices, Miracle Mile Girls & LASF Magazine. She is also The Most Played Artist on Akon's Hitlab. She has appeared on Telemundo's top morning show "De Todo Un Poco", Azteca America's "Entre Nous", Indies in Motion (as guest and host), Aspiring Hollywood, Nashville Adventures, Women In Music, Conversations Now Magazine, NME, Autism America Radio on SiriusXM (with over 35 million listeners), Autism Radio (USA), ICAA Radio (USA), WROM Radio (USA), BEAT 102-10 (IRELAND), HARBOROUGH FM (UK), INDIECAN (CANADA), WAAF FM (USA) See a full list at

"She writes, sings and performs her own music in addition to owning her own record label, Re-Bel Visionary Music because, unlike so many artists waiting for their big break, Levi does not sit idly by waiting for opportunity"
- Jennifer Meade, President & Co-Founder of The Vocalist Magazine

"Her epic journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend." - Kristen Lowman, Music & Moxie & The Examiner

"I listened and it got me right away!"
- Jonathan L, Lopsided World of L, Indie 103.1

"Her music will make you forget about the monotony of the everyday, much like biting down on a power line. Shirley is a frenetic angel with a sinful swagger and beatific aura that both tranquilizes and terrorizes (as all great music does!)... Her lyricism invoked Bob Dylan during his late electric period, but blended with the visceral emotion of Lou Reed."
- Stratton J. Aivalikles, Writer/Music Critic

"Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!"
- Nana O. Yeboah, The Vocalist Magazine

"Vocals, so beautiful yet raw & powerful reminds me of a modern Patti Smith." - DJ DREA

"How Shirley Levi is Changing LA's Indie Rock - and Saving the World" - Magda Marcella, Yahoo! Voices

"Writer, composer, painter, Youtube sensation and self-made artist barely scratch the surface when describing Shirley Levi's work. What you do hope for is a performer who establishes a connection with the audience and slays them with talent. This is what Shirley Levi brings to the people...Through the struggles and the hardships, she has found a way to survive and outlast her competition because she is honest and refuses to fall in line." - Martin Santa Cruz Jr., LASF MAGAZINE

"Shirley RAWk is a true celebration of the glory that is ROCK! Shirley RAWk is the new standard for Musical Artists to live up to...if they can." - Soundwell Magazine

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CLICK HERE to WATCH Shirley Levi's special acoustic performance & interview with Patricia Arbulu for Autism Awareness on Azteca America's top-rated show "Entre Nos"! Featuring her original songs "Anne Marie" & "Te Amo". Also featuring her version of "The Shmah" in Hebrew!

CLICK HERE to WATCH Shirley Levi's TV INTERVIEW AND PERFORMANCE of "ANNE MARIE" on Telemundo's top morning show "De Todo Un Poco" ~ A special dedication to those with AUTISM.

CLICK HERE to WATCH Shirley Levi and Los Angeles citizens support Haiti outside the Jim Henson Studios, where the remake of "We Are The World" is being recorded.

CLICK HERE to WATCH behind-the-scenes footage of the radio interview featuring Shirley Levi, Recording Artist, Activist & Founder of Music On My Shoulder on Autism American Radio with Nick Geber - Sirius/XM Family Talk channel 131 - With over 35.5 Million listeners.

LISTEN to more interviews and WATCH more actism videos at Music On My Shoulder

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