"Anne Marie" for Autism Awareness by Shirley Levi
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Shirley Levi's Radio Interview on Indies In Motion!

"Your middle name is H-O-P-E!" "Definitely a force to be reckoned with!" "You are an involved person making things happen. You don't just talk about it or sing about it, you are on the frontline!"
- Rick Mizuno, Indies In Motion

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Hey you with your dreams! Life is not what it seems, wake up! Stand up for what you believe! Your dreams are your wings! Let them carry you! Not bury you! Beauty's trapped in your head! Bring it out! Let it shout! ~ Break Free / Shirley Levi

~ Shirley Levi

Shirley Levi (AKA: Miss Muzik) is a Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Activist living in Los Angeles. She's CEO of her own label Re-Bel Visionary Music which she founded as a vehicle to develop and expose herself as a true artist and to eventually help other artists in the spirit of independence. Shirley Levi is a self-taught musician who writes and produces all her own music. Under the pseudonym DJ SFL, Shirley Levi remixes her own music, which has helped her gain respect amongst top DJs, spreading her music onto dance floors worldwide. Shirley Levi is one of the few artists that not only writes all her own lyrics and music but she also produces and oversees every facet of production down to the art of mastering. She also writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Being such a self-sufficient artist has really given her a strong voice, helping her to develop a unique style that is all her own. Shirley Levi's music is Pop blended with Rock, Folk, Electronic/Dance, Adult Contemporary and World Music. Usually mixing all of these styles together would be an obstacle for most performers, but Shirley Levi has managed do this in such an artful way that it has turned out to be her calling card: Flawlessly blending many styles into one. Her powerful and timeless hit music is filled with heartfelt melodies and unique haunting vocals, which fuse western and world influences. Her distinct style sets her apart from everyone. Her music and performances are theatrical, epic and extremely dynamic. Unlike most artists who stick with the same formula, Shirley's songwriting, production, and emotional dynamic in her vocals and melodies are extremely diverse.

Her intense stage presence and attitude outshines even seasoned performers. Because she is a self-taught hit-maker with the ability to write, sing and speak in so many languages & genres flawlessly, Shirley Levi's appeal crosses generational, cultural & gender boundaries. Shirley Levi is gaining notoriety and creating a big buzz in Hollywood with her unforgettable performances on the same stages that helped break Amy Winehouse, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones and many other top artists. Because of Shirley Levi's fierce, determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her hit songs, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it first launched in 2007. Shirley Levi is currently The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab. Her hit songs are also featured and growing on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio on over 750 stations across the USA. Shirley Levi's music is also being played on radio stations all around the world. Hit tracks, like "Your Eyes", have been remixed by some of the top DJs around the world and have reached the top of the dance charts all over Europe.

Shirley Levi's music contains powerful, positive and mystical messages that speak a universal language with no barriers, reaching all demographics, faiths, and cultures, drawing people from all walks of life. She is also known for being an outspoken advocate for autism awareness and many other important causes. Because of her unwavering devotion to these causes she started her own non-profit called MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER. The Purpose of Shirley Levi's charity work is to use the undeniable power of MUSIC & ART to help with Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All, Peace & other Humanitarian Issues, which affect mankind's well being. Her numerous radio interviews and TV performances for Autism Awareness have helped to spread her messages around the world. Shirley Levi also supports artists rights and believes that EVERYBODY should have a voice and a forum for self-expression. She believes that the mainstream media does not reflect the true voice of authentic artists and is fighting to change that! Shirley Levi is a REBEL WITH A CAUSE!

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A special interview with Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi, founder of Music On My Shoulder, who has written the Autism Awareness Anthem "Anne Marie". Shirley Levi featured on a segment of Autism America Radio, July 21st 2012 @ 4pm PST!! Sirius/XM Family Talk channel 131 - With 35 Million listeners internationally! Also a FREE Live Stream on

Autism Radio's show 'Hope Saves The Day' - A special interview
with Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi, founder of Music On My Shoulder, who has written the Autism Awareness Anthem "Anne Marie". Autismradio.org

Shirley Levi in a special performance and interview for Autism Awareness Friday April 27th, 2012 on AZTECA AMERICA'S top-rated show "Entres Nos" @ 10am. Channel 54 & 47 in Los Angeles. Channel 15 in San Diego. Check you local listings for the channel in your area!!

PRESS RELEASE for the Celebrity VH1 Rock & Bowl Benefit for Autism. VH1 Classic's Rock Autism campaign is designed to help educate parents and build awareness about autism, a complex neurobiological developmental disorder that lasts throughout a person's lifetime, and to raise funds for a variety of autism research, advocacy, and support organizations.

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Shirley Levi is named one of the TOP 20 MUSICIANS who support autism awareness, along with Beck, The Eels, Stereolab, The Googoo Dolls and The Vines!

Shirley Levi in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about her Autism Awareness Campaign.

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Global Oneness, co-creating a happy world, show's their support for Shirley Levi's Autism Awareness Campaign.

OUTCRY TV interview with Shirley Levi

"HappYness Face"

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Shirley Levi's painting "HappYness Face" and her accompanying song by the same name, is dedicated to helping wipe out hunger from Los Angeles to Africa!


"I have a very special place in my heart for autism. I've made it my mission to use the undeniable power of MUSIC and ART to reach out to all people and help raise awareness about autism. I've learned much by working with such special people and feel that music and art can best portray their special qualities and spirit. They deserve to have a voice. I choose to focus on their abundance of beauty and special qualities rather than focusing on their social disabilities because that is what shines through in my eyes. I've created a painting called, "MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER", based on a sketch of a dove made by a very special autistic and ARTISTIC woman I worked with named, Anne Marie. I wanted her to witness her talent manifested into a tangible reality. Her gifts inspired me to see way beyond her social disability. I also wrote a song about her special spirit. I believe that my song, "Anne Marie" will help others see the spirit of autism in the same light as I do. Music and art are a powerful tool in helping raise awareness of issues that surround us every day yet remain unseen. Personally, I also really believe that we must give special attention to those who are ALREADY HERE with autism and help them to nurture their special gifts instead of treating and seeing them from just a cold, technical, and medical perspective. THEY ARE SPECIAL AND THEY ARE HERE. Every one of them that I've worked with has had a very unique gift.

While it is great that we look for a cure and look at preventative measures, we must also give special attention to those who are ALREADY HERE and make sure that we nurture their special gifts and praise them with special and positive attention. Another part of this campaign is that we also help family members and others who are not in the autistic community the opportunity to recognize all the positive gifts these very special people can contribute to our society. I plan on exposing their talents, especially musicians, and believe that *their gift/work will speak for itself*. That is the goal of my campaign." ~ Shirley Levi

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Music On My Shoulder


Throughout the years Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi has been actively documenting her charity efforts for the various casues she supports through her MUSIC & ART...from Autism Awareness, to Hunger Relief and Equality For All! This is a collection of her heartfelt and innovative videos, meant to inspire creativity and provoke thought about the important issues which face us every day!

Shirley Levi's Radio Interview on Indies In Motion!

"Your middle name is H-O-P-E!" "Definitely a force to be reckoned with!" "You are an involved person making things happen. You don't just talk about it or sing about it, you are on the frontline!"
- Rick Mizuno, Indies In Motion

Akon's Personal Greeting to Shirley Levi thanking her for her involvement in the community!

"Music Can Change The World! (Part 1)" by Shirley Levi ♥ ☀♬♪ ♫ .♪.♫

Disclaimer: This video is in no way endorsed by or supported by The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah, Harpo Studios or their employees or associates. Shirley Levi does not claim to have any official association with the aforementioned.

On Tuesday, March 20th, 2012, Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi on The Miracle Mile in a unique and peaceful show of support for Oprah Winfrey's activism and to enthusiastically say, I "WILL WORK FOR OPRAH!!". This revolutionary guerilla-style fan video was also intended to show Shirley Levi's support for those who deserve to have a voice! Shirley Levi is fighting to help bring more awareness in the media for causes such as Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All & many many more! Music can change the world! ♥ ☀♬♪ ♫ .♪.♫

If you're a production company and you would like to see Shirley Levi's Sizzle Reel for her show "Break Free with Shirley Levi!", please e-mail: contact@re-belvisionarymusic.com

(This show will raise money and big awareness for HUNGER RELIEF, EQUALITY, AUTISM AWARENESS AND MANY OTHER IMPORTANT CAUSES!! Aren't we all sick of all the trashy programs on tv today that we are force fed that don't care at all about the world or about how their exploitation affects us daily?!! Shouldn't we demand something better of all the networks?!!!! Shirley Levi believes OWN would be the right fit for her show since their programming is also aimed at helping to change the world.)

Music Can Change The World! (Part 2)" by Shirley Levi ♥ ☀♬♪ ♫ .♪.♫

Disclaimer: This video is in no way endorsed by or supported by The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah, Harpo Studios or their employees or associates. Shirley Levi does not claim to have any official association with the aforementioned.

Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi once again on the Miracle Mile, April 23rd 14:00 hrs. Military Time, in support of Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief & Equality!!


Shirley Levi's Music Video for her song "Re-Bel" (Tribute to her album BREAK FREE)

Shirley Levi performing her hit song "Your Eyes" @ Tigerheat - Bringing the spirit of musical theatre to the Dance Floor in celebration of EQUALITY & the POWER OF MUSIC, in a magical and cinematic performance!!
Featuring her new "Dancing Angels"!

Shirley Levi getting together a team to perform LIVE for EQUALITY! "Future Belongs To Us!" is a quote from Shirley Levi's
song, "Re-Bel" off her album BREAK FREE.

Shirley Levi's powerful performance of her hit song "Cross The Line" for EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!


Artist and activist, Shirley Levi and Los Angeles citizens support Haiti outside the Jim Henson Studios, where the remake of "We Are The World" is being recorded for Haiti. A documentary video shot Feb, 1st, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Shirley Levi attending One Children's Foundation Art Auction @ Lola Mora Gallery. Helping to transform the lives of disadvantaged children by providing food, shelter, health, education and self assurance.


Behind the scenes footage of a radio interview featuring Shirley Levi, Recording Artist, Activist & Founder of Music On My Shoulder on Autism American Radio with Nick Geber - The Official Radio Show of Autism Speaks with over 35 million listeners!

Shirley Levi's special tv performance & interview on Azteca America's top-rated show "Entre Nos" for Autism Awareness Month!

Shirley Levi performing "Anne Marie" in support off Autism Awareness at a private concert @ Dakota Lounge in Los Angeles.

Shirley Levi's TV INTERVIEW AND PERFORMANCE of "ANNE MARIE" (in Spanglish) on Telemundo's top morning show>br/> "De Todo Un Poco" ~ A special dedication to those with AUTISM.

MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER video featuring, "Anne Marie" by Shirley Levi for Autism Awareness.

Shirley Levi's PSA video for Autism Awareness.