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"Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!" - Nana O. Yeboah, The Vocalist Magazine

"Out now!! The Vocalist Magazine (WINTER 2014) Featuring: THE RISING STAR - SHIRLEY LEVI" - The Vocalist Magazine

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Shirley Levi The Vocalist Magazine Cover 2014

Our U.S Cover features an incredible vocalist from L.A. Shirley Levi. "She writes, sings and performs her own music in addition to owning her own record label, Re-Bel Visionary Music because, unlike so many artists waiting for their big break, Levi does not sit idly by waiting for opportunity" - A young lady who came from Iran with a mission to follow her calling in music. As you will find out reading her interview, she is an inspiration. SHE IS OUR RISING STAR. - Jennifer Meade, President & Co-Founder of The Vocalist Magazine

Shirley Levi featured in The Vocalist Magazine 2014 Calendar along with Beyonce, Madonna, Pink, Justin Timberlake and many more...

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For the first time ever, Shirley Levi releases spontaneous live recordings of some of her new songs via SoundCloud to her fans!

These are quick, one-take wonders of brand new songs which she will be taking into the studio and producing for her next album in 2014!

All songs (music & lyrics) written, performed & produced by Shirley Levi (Copyright 2013)

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Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi's new line of apparel called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand from her fans
who admire her unique personal style & attitude.



Hey you with your dreams! Life is not what it seems, wake up! Stand up for what you believe! Your dreams are your wings! Let them carry you! Not bury you! Beauty's trapped in your head! Bring it out! Let it shout! ~ Break Free / Shirley Levi

"How Shirley Levi is Changing LA's Indie Rock - and Saving the World" - by Magda Marcella/Yahoo!Voices

"Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!"
- Nana O. Yeboah, The Vocalist Magazine

"As you will find out reading her interview, she is an inspiration. SHE IS OUR RISING STAR."
- Jennifer Meade, President & Co-Founder of The Vocalist Magazine

"Her music is like punk rock with the classic influences of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin."

- Magda Marcella, Miracle Mile Girls!

"Her epic journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend."
- Kristen Lowman, Music & Moxie, The Examiner

"Her music will make you forget about the monotony of the everyday, much like biting down on a power line. Shirley is a frenetic angel with a sinful swagger and beatific aura that both tranquilizes and terrorizes (as all great music does!)... Her lyricism invoked Bob Dylan during his late electric period, but blended with the visceral emotion of Lou Reed." - Stratton J. Aivalikles, Writer/Music Critic

"Vocals, so beautiful yet raw & powerful remind me of a modern Patti Smith." - DJ DREA

"Shirley RAWk is a true celebration of the glory that is ROCK! Shirley RAWk is the new standard for Musical Artists to live up to...if they can."
- Soundwell Magazine

"Writer, composer, painter, Youtube sensation and self-made artist barely scratch the surface when describing Shirley Levi's work...What you do hope for is a performer who establishes a connection with the audience and slays them with talent. This is what Shirley Levi brings to the people...Through the struggles and the hardships, she has found a way to survive and outlast her competition because she is honest and refuses to fall in line." - Martin Santa Cruz Jr., LASF Magazine

"I listened and it got me right away!"- Jonathan L, Lopsided World of L, Indie 103.1

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Shirley Levi (AKA: Miss Muzik), CEO of Re-Bel Visionary Music, is a powerful, driven, self-taught American Singer/Recording Artist/Activist & Poetic Songwriter of Hope, who writes, produces and performs all her own music which has timeless messages of unity, compassion and determination. Her songs are potential ground-breaking hits that are in their rawest form. She has a rebellious spirit and refuses to compromise her artistic vision or follow any trends which makes her really stand out from the pack. She is notorious for her story of not selling out and having a fierce voice that's honest and empowering! Shirley Levi also writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Her unique heartfelt vocals and timeless music is rock with an artful blend of folk, blues, country and world music with major punk attitude. She calls her new sound Shirley RAWk. Elements of her vocals sound like a powerful punk prayer. Her slogan, which describes her new music best is, "This ain't no corporate rock! This is Shirley RAWk!!" Because of Shirley Levi's determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her music and activism efforts, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it was first launched. Shirley Levi sings primarily in English since it's her first language but also proudly celebrates her heritage and hopes to unite all people by infusing Hebrew, Farsi & Spanish into her music and live sets. Being such a self-sufficient artist has really given her a strong voice, helping her to develop a unique style that is all her own. When Shirley Levi was a child, her family escaped Iran to the USA looking for freedom. She lives in Los Angeles and is fighting to make the world a better place through her music! She's a fierce and outspoken activist who's devoted her time to fighting injustices with her music, art and social media videos. She's been a strong activist for over a decade fighting for Autism Awareness with her timeless anthem "Anne Marie", off her previous album BREAK FREE. Her social media video, MUSIC CAN CHANGE THE WORLD has gone viral with over a MILLION hits on Youtube!! Music On My Shoulder, Shirley Levi's music & art foundation, was founded by her as a means to grow her activism efforts and to also help bring attention and support to other nonprofits & people who are legitimately trying to make a real difference in the world!

So far it's been a very explosive year for Shirley, starting with her endorsements of Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps, her being called a "Rising Star" by The Vocalist Magazine and featured on their cover, in 7 page spread and exclusive interview and in the pages of their 2014 Calendar along with Beyonce, Pink, Madonna and many other legendary artists. Also, two of Shirley Levi's tracks, "Walk Away" and "Luv is Lonely", have been picked up by legendary DJ Jonathan L. for play on  Indie 103.1, ROCKXS, KWSS 93.9fm, KUKQfm, Radio Andra, King Fm, and Romanian Rock Radio and more of her tracks have been in rotation since 2012!! Also "Luv is Lonely" is the most played video on SYQ.TV and the song has been in rotation with the 365 Radio Network since Jan. 2014. Shirley has been getting numerous, incredible reviews and interviews including being featured in Guitar Girl Magazine and will be featured on AXS in an exclusive interview soon. 

Shirley has also been featured in Indie Artist Magazine, Yahoo!Voices, Miracle Mile Girls & LASF Magazine. She is also The Most Played Artist on Akon's Hitlab. She has appeared on Telemundo's top morning show "De Todo Un Poco", Azteca America's "Entre Nous", Indies in Motion (as guest and host), Aspiring Hollywood, Nashville Adventures, Women In Music, Conversations Now Magazine, NME, Autism America Radio on SiriusXM (with over 35 million listeners), Autism Radio (USA), ICAA Radio (USA), WROM Radio (USA), BEAT 102-10 (IRELAND), HARBOROUGH FM (UK), INDIECAN (CANADA), WAAF FM (USA) See a full list at

Live performances include several times at Avalon Hollywood (more than 2,500 people), House of Blues Main Stage (several times), Headlining The Viper Room, Hemingways, Bar Lubitsch, Pearl, The Temple Bar, Knitting Factory (opening for Jill Sobule & solo shows), Opium Den, Cinespace, Florentine Gardens, The Motorcity Music Conference (Detroit), Luna Park, Ultra Suede, Falcon Lounge, Les Deux, Eleven Nightclub, Crazy Girls and many other venues.

Since writing and producing her pop/rock/electronic album Break Free and performing in Hollywood's biggest venues, Shirley Levi has refocused her music to reflect her more true, organic, raw and natural way of singing and performing with her guitar. Even though her music has a lot of attitude and edge, she infuses her songs of hope with unforgettable hooks, melodies, dynamics and timeless messages. Shirley Levi's primary instrument is an acoustic guitar which she puts through a Marshall Amp to create her unique folky RAWk sound.

Under the pseudonym DJ SFL, Shirley Levi remixes her own music, which has helped her gain respect amongst top DJs, spreading her music onto dance floors worldwide. Shirley Levi's album BREAK FREE is Pop blended with Rock, Folk, Electronic/Dance, Adult Contemporary and World Music. Usually mixing all of these styles together would be an obstacle for most performers, but Shirley Levi has managed do this in such an artful way that it has turned out to be her calling card: Flawlessly blending many styles into one. Her powerful and timeless hit music is filled with heartfelt melodies and unique haunting vocals, which fuse western and world influences. Her distinct style sets her apart from everyone. Her music and performances are theatrical, epic and extremely dynamic. Unlike most artists who stick with the same formula, Shirley's songwriting, production, and emotional dynamic in her vocals and melodies are extremely diverse. Her intense stage presence and attitude outshines even seasoned performers. Because she is a self-taught hit-maker with the ability to write, sing and speak in so many languages & genres flawlessly, Shirley Levi's appeal crosses generational, cultural & gender boundaries. Shirley Levi is gaining notoriety and creating a big buzz in Hollywood with her unforgettable performances on the same stages that helped break Amy Winehouse, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones and many other top artists. Because of Shirley Levi's fierce, determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her hit songs, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it first launched in 2007. Shirley Levi is currently The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab. Shirley Levi's music is also being played on radio stations all around the world. Hit tracks, like "Your Eyes", have been remixed by some of the top DJs around the world and have reached the top of the dance charts all over Europe.

Shirley Levi's music contains powerful, positive and mystical messages that speak a universal language with no barriers, reaching all demographics, faiths, and cultures, drawing people from all walks of life. She is also known for being an outspoken advocate for autism awareness and many other important causes. Because of her unwavering devotion to these causes she started her own non-profit called MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER. The Purpose of Shirley Levi's charity work is to use the undeniable power of MUSIC & ART to help with Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All, Peace & other Humanitarian Issues, which affect mankind's well being. Her numerous radio interviews and TV performances for Autism Awareness have helped to spread her messages around the world. Shirley Levi also supports artists rights and believes that EVERYBODY should have a voice and a forum for self-expression. She believes that the mainstream media does not reflect the true voice of authentic artists and is fighting to change that! Shirley Levi is a REBEL WITH A CAUSE!

"I take deep, spiritual, and visionary ideas and then simplify them in my music so that they can be easily understood. I tend to see the world in a very fairytale-like way. My music really reflects that purity which seems to draw little kids who respond very strongly and enthusiastically to it. My album Break Free contains inspirational lyrics for anyone who is following their dream. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST. Don't wait for someone else to make it happen. See your own vision through till the end no matter what. I gave birth to my songs as a means to survive and overcome my own personal struggles. "BREAK FREE" represents my quest to be heard and to reach my full potential in this life. It was also intended to help others on their quest to find their own voice and go after their dreams. I had so many faithless influences in my life, which as I look back at in retrospect really helped to serve as G-D's intention to make me fight as hard as I could! Of course luv is quite present in my work as well. I am definitely a lover at heart. Who says you can't be a lover and a fighter?" - Shirley Levi

Even before Shirley Levi began to speak she already knew that music, singing and performing were her true callings. She always knew that she was destined to flee Iran and come to America to pursue her dreams. Before moving to the USA, while on a trip to New York, her parents heard the name Shirley and fell in love with it. That's how, even before they knew they would eventually escape Iran, she came to be given the American name Shirley. Coincidentally, Shirley Levi means "Sing to me from the heart" when translated from her mom's native language of Hebrew. This validates even more that Shirley Levi was meant to sing from the heart! As a proud & patriotic US citizen who was once an immigrant, Shirley Levi is making the most of her freedom by expressing her strong voice through her music and art. Her messages are inspiring a generation who never thought they'd have a voice or find personal and artistic freedom. A great deal of her musical works, art and designs pay homage to American culture and its spirit of independence.

As well as being a Recording Artist/Activist, Shirley Levi is accomplished, self-taught painter who experiments with anything she can get her hands on to make her visions come to life. They are breathtaking, symbolic landscapes of the emotions and spiritual explorations, which she has embarked on throughout her life. Many of her paintings are also visual journeys through her music and lyrics, containing many of the same titles and themes. They are mystical and prophetic, based on her personal dreams, visions and struggles. Although self-taught there are elements of Symbolic Art, Abstract Art, Classical Greek Art, Roman Art, French Impressionism & Expressionism all mixed with the figurative in a whimsical, childlike furor of emotion. Shirley Levi's paintings are currently in private collections all around the world and are highly regarded as visionary, captivating and thought provoking.

Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi's new line of apparel called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand from her fans that admire her unique personal style & attitude. With very little money for wardrobe and an anarchist-like vision for expressing her creative, unique & edgy fashion sense, Shirley Levi began to create her own personal signature style of wardrobe by painting, cutting & remaking her clothes like art. Her T-Shirley line will stand for her fierce voice & independence as a determined underground artist who's Music & Art aims at helping the world with slogans like "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!", "FUTURE BELONGS TO US!", "RUN!" & "BREAK FREE". Her trademark T-Shirley brand is finally available to her fans all over the world! Look out every month for new innovative designs made personally by Shirley Levi based on her music & lyrics. Check back every month for more new designs personally created by Shirley Levi!

Her underground spirit and originality give hope to all other artists who don't fit into any specific genre of music yet can achieve great recognition and have a large worldwide audience. "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!" - Shirley Levi

Run as fast as you can! Hand in hand with life! ~ Re-Bel / Shirley Levi

Could you please set me free? The angels gave me melodies. I remember feeling so high, I remember touching the sky. My heart spoke it's word! I really need to be heard! Office In The Sky / Shirley Levi

Rip the veil off my eyes! Machine-gunned all your f#@king lies! I've crossed the line I'm feeling fine! I HAVE A CHOICE, GIVING ME A VOICE! ~ Cross The Line / Shirley Levi


~ Re-Bel / Shirley Levi

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