"Hey you with your is not what it seems...wake up! Stand up for what you believe! Your dreams are your wings...let them carry you...not bury you. Beautyʼs trapped in your head...bring it out...let it shout!" ~ Break Free, Shirley Levi

Shirley Levi featured in The Vocalist Magazine 2014 Calendar along with Beyonce, Madonna, Pink, Justin Timberlake and many more...

Shirley Levi is now working with the legendary Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer
Val Garay:

Who is Shirley Levi?

Singer & Hit Songwriter

Legendary Indie Artist & Outspoken Activist


Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Performer, Producer & Remixer


Over 18,000,000 hits to since it first launched in 2007


Remixes of her hit song “Your Eyes” on Top of Dance Charts Throughout Europe


CEO/Founder of Re-Bel Visionary Music & Shirley Levi Publishing


Featured Artist on Clear Channel’s

iHeartRadio on over 750 Stations


New Artist on Indie 103.1 FM, Los Angeles King FM, Berlin & KWSS-FM, Arizona


Music Video Director, Writer,

Producer & Editor


The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon’s Hitlab


Music Spreading to Latin America

FM Stations Playing her hit songs worldwide


Outspoken Activist & Founder of her own
charity called Music On My Shoulder


Visionary Painter


One of the Top 20 Musicians Who Supports
Autism Awareness


Designer & Owner of T-Shirley Apparel


"Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!" - Nana O. Yeboah, The Vocalist Magazine

"She writes, sings and performs her own music in addition to owning her own record label, Re-Bel Visionary Music because, unlike so many artists waiting for their big break, Levi does not sit idly by waiting for opportunity...She is our Rising Star!"
- Jennifer Meade, President & Co-Founder of The Vocalist Magazine

For the first time ever Shirley Levi releases spontaneous live recordings of some of her new songs via ReverbNation to her fans!

These are some quick, one-take wonders of brand new songs which Shirley Levi will be taking into the studio and producing for her next album in 2014! Also featured is her previous album "Break Free" including personal remixes by Shirley Levi, AKA: DJ SFL.

(All songs Written, Produced, Performed & Remixed by Shirley Levi).


Shirley Levi's EPK  ~ Table of Contents


Page 3           ~ Recent Reviews & Shirley Levi Photo Collage 


Page 4-5       ~ Radio: Indie 103.1, 365 Radio Network, & More!


Page 6           ~ Intro to Shirley Levi Bio


Page 7           ~ Shirley Levi Aspiring Hollywood Interview


Page 8-9       ~ Shirley Levi’s Exclusive in depth Interview with

                Kristen Lowman, Music & Moxie and Examiner


Page 10         ~ Shirley Levi : Most Played Artist on Akon's Hitlab


Page 11         ~ Bio - Shirley Levi's album "Break Free" - Listen to her Album!


Page 12         ~ Bio - Shirley Levi Live Shows


Page 13 -14  ~ DJ’s From Around the World Remixing Shirley Levi’s Hit Songs

and World-Wide Dance Charts / The Top Timeless Dance Tracks Featuring Madonna, Michael Jackson, Blonde, Shirley Levi, Katy Perry and more!


Page 15         ~ Shirley Levi was chosen as Top Music Video Director by Drew

Barrymore & Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes for the VH1 pilot    “Clash of the Music Videos”


Page 16         ~ Shirley Levi Visionary Music Video Director - Shirley Levi Writes,

   Directs, Produces & Edits all of her own videos


Page 17-19   ~ Shirley Levi Activist / Her charity "Music On My Shoulder"


Page 20         ~ Bio : Shirley Levi Multicultural Artist


Page 21-25  ~ Shirley Levi in Latin America - Radio, TV and Print


Page 26         ~ Shirley Levi Visionary Painter


Page 27         ~ T-Shirley Apparel and Merchandising


Page 28         ~ Links to Shirley Levi's sites


Page 29         ~ Shirley Levi / Re-Bel Visionary Music

Shirley Levi Reviews

Shirley Levi at Bar Lubitsch Concert Review - May 2013

Shirley Levi's RAWk show last night at Bar Lubitsch was the best damn performance I've seen in many long years!! This is coming from a guy who has managed two of the largest music venues in Hollywood and has seen over 5,000 local and national acts. I think the last female artist who did this to me was Juliette Lewis at The Knitting Factory about a decade ago! It is a rare thing these days to see a performer who really enjoys what they are doing and puts so much emotional, spiritual, ball-busting energy into ever single musical note that they play. It is also a rare thing to see a standing ovation and have the audience DEMAND an encore, which is exactly what happened last night. Her fans would literally not let her leave the stage. As she went to pack up her gear, the room erupted with a loud chant insisting that she continue, which she did, ending her night with her glorious song "Loyalty". A huge crowd pleaser. And a triumphant end to an amazing set. It was one of those moments when you can't believe that you are lucky enough to experience it and not just hear about it the next day. I want to thank Shirley Levi for having the courage to toss aside all the crap that keeps most performers locked up in a little cage. It was like someone unleashed a hurricane on the stage last night!!!! WOW!! We should just call her the raging bull of rock!! Shirley is like a Boxer getting into the ring and fighting for her life! You could feel her knocking the audience out with her music! And then, just when you think it's all about the wild, manic energy, Shirley whips out a song like "Survive", a gorgeous ballad which reels your heart into her exquisite voice. This girl can sing! Boy can this girl sing! Her voice went from RAW and attitude driven RAWk, to soft, luscious, tempting and dreamy in an instant. It was not like watching one performer, but more like getting the very best of six different artists ranging from the explosive to the quirky, the romantic to the feisty. It was just incredible to witness the range of styles and emotions that Shirley Levi puts into her musical landscape. One moment you think you're being caressed by Mazzy Star, the next moment Patti Smith is going all poetic on you.

Shirley Levi calls her blend of rock, folk, country, punk & world music "Shirley RAWk". The "RAW" part being the stripped down sound, the barebones emotion, the unpretentious, hard-hitting, fever of ROCK. This is music at its very very best - RAW, impassioned, enthusiastic & stirring! Shirley Levi is also one of the most charismatic people you'll ever meet. Her charm, grace, quick whit and generous spirit is amplified even more once she steps foot on stage. At one point she stopped playing and rallied the audience into a frenzy with a passionate battle cry about following your dreams saying, "If you forget about your dreams, they will forget about you!" To which there was an outcry of support from her fans. In fact, I've never heard so much screaming, and hooting and shouting from an audience! "Bad Ass!" was heard on many occasions while Shirley attacked her guitar like she was at war! The entire set felt like she was enlisting the audience to join her battle - Her battle for better music. And they willfully, joyfully followed as she lit up the room with her unbridled energy and glorious spirit. Shirley RAwk is a true celebration of the glory that is ROCK! Shirley RAWk is the new standard for Musical Artists to live up to...if they can. Shirley Levi was truly a miracle to watch! She reminded me of all of favorite artists - Patti Smith, Lou Reed, PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Neil Young and so many more!!! I doubt there is a female performer out there who can compare to what we all witnessed last night pouring out in giant waves from that stage!! I can't wait for the next Shirley RAWk experience!! If you are in the Los Angeles area you really need to make it out to see her next show. Your musical life depends on it! Trust me! - Soundwell Magazine

CLICK HERE to WATCH video from Shirley Levi's last performance at Bar Lubitsch!

Shirley Levi Concert Review by Stratton J. Aivalikles

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Shirley Levi perform at Bar Lubitsch for the first time. And, as far as first concerts go this one did not disappoint in the least. Standing alone on stage, acoustic in hand under the red lights, Shirley met the crowd with a crocodile grin and a raise of the glass. She gave a few shout outs and thanks to the room casually and calmly. Then she took the somewhat mundane atmosphere of a Monday night bar and shattered it. Shirley jumpstarted the room with fierce chords and a commanding yet mellifluous voice as she sang; almost as if in reverential prayer, she put her heart and soul into every breath she took and every note she played. Through the entire set, Shirley Levi rocked out with a stage presence that puts Iggy Pop to shame: her brutally sincere lyrics managed to stir a whole gamut of emotions, both good and bad, seamlessly. One of the last songs in the set drew me back to a specific moment in time then had me linger there before taking that next step forward. Her lyricism invoked Bob Dylan during his late electric period, but blended with the visceral emotion of Lou Reed. Then jolted by electroshock therapy. And one of the most incredible attributes of Shirley Levi's performance was her own enthusiasm: it's a rare sight these days to see a musician up on stage loving every minute of playing. There was something nostalgic about it, something that made me love being there even more. Shirley's performance had such impact on the audience that we took to our feet, hollering for more at the end something she was kind enough to oblige. At the end of show, Shirley Levi gave me (and obviously my fellow patrons) more than just an energetic , prolific musical experience: she gave us catharsis. While the first time seeing a musician is a special event... I eagerly anticipate Shirley's next show. She is one of those rare musical gifts that just gets better every time. Can't wait for the next go around. -s.

READ more of Shirley Levi's REVIEWS

Shirley Levi arrives at the Rolling Stone American Music Awards After Party, on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Nokia/AP Images)


Listen Live

to LISTEN to Shirley Levi interviewing Rick Mizuno for a special kick off to 2013 on Indies in Motion!


to LISTEN to WROM Radio who recently picked up 4 of Shirley Levi's songs for their playlist!! WROM is Detroit's #1 Internet Radio station!

A complete list of FM Stations Worldwide:




Shirley Levi (AKA: Miss Muzik) is a Singer, Songwriter, Artist and Activist living in Los Angeles. She's CEO of her own label Re-Bel Visionary Music which she founded as a vehicle to develop and expose herself as a true artist and to eventually help other artists in the spirit of independence. Shirley Levi is a self-taught musician who writes and produces all her own music. Shirley Levi's songs of hope contain powerful, positive and mystical messages that speak a universal language with no barriers, reaching all demographics, faiths, and cultures, drawing people from all walks of life. Under the pseudonym DJ SFL, Shirley Levi also remixes her own music, which has helped her gain respect amongst top DJs, spreading her music onto dance floors worldwide. Shirley Levi is one of the few artists that not only writes all her own lyrics and music but she also produces and oversees every facet of production down to the art of mastering.

She also writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Being such a self-sufficient artist has really given her a strong voice, helping her to develop a unique style that is all her own. Shirley Levi's music is Pop blended with Rock, Folk, Electronic/Dance, Adult Contemporary and World Music. Usually mixing all of these styles together would be an obstacle for most performers, but Shirley Levi has managed do this in such an artful way that it has turned out to be her calling card: Flawlessly blending many styles into one. Her powerful and timeless hit music is filled with heartfelt melodies and unique haunting vocals, which fuse western and world influences. Her distinct style sets her apart from everyone!


Aspiring Hollywood is a show where independent artists are recognized, inspired and encouraged to showcase their talent, talk about their struggles, their accomplishments, their fears and their dreams.  Our show will also feature interviews with celebrities that are willing to give back to the industry that allowed them to shine. Aspiring Hollywood celebrates the independent spirit and now YOU can be part of and encourage talented artists in this growing Hollywood community, here’s how.




Shirley Levi's exclusive interview with Aspiring Hollywood featuring her new video for her song "Re-Bel". This new compilation music video pays tribute to Shirley Levi's dedication to EQUALITY & the greatly anticipated release of her album Break Free worldwide on 11/11/11!!



Watch Shirley Levi’s Interview on Aspiring Hollywood:




"Meet Shirley Levi, an inspired and inspiring artist that doesn’t let anything stand in her way. Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Musical Maverick are all apt titles but in the opinion of Your Girl in Music, Dreamer perhaps suits her best. Her epic journey  as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend."


-Kristen Lowman, Music + Moxie &   



Excerpt from Shirley Levi’s Exclusive in depth Interview with Kristen Lowman. To read the entire three-part interview, please see the links below.


Tell me about your childhood in Iran and your journey to the US.

“Having been born in Iran, I was born into darkness and have been desperately & urgently searching for the light ever since. It’s weird cuz as I’m thinkin’ about my answer I’m remembering so much that I haven’t thought about in so long. In some ways I remember it like it happened yesterday. In other ways it feels totally unreal, like it was a different person’s life. It felt dark and scary. What stood out most was my family having to be separated. I was born into this total anxiety ridden situation that was creating major turmoil in our lives…


The revolution devastated everyone around me. I didn’t even know what to make of it all till I grew up and understood politics and the situation I was born into. I had barely even learned Farsi and before I knew it we were trying to escape the country. I remember watching TV in Iran and begging my mom to take me to America. I was in luv with the country of entertainment and freedom. Next thing I know we are in the US and I’m being perceived as being the country’s enemy but I couldn’t even understand what I had done wrong! We had just escaped from major chaos. My family felt humiliation for having to escape a country that they thought was their home. Can u imagine having to escape America to find freedom somewhere else?! When we finally arrived to the land of the free I thought Disneyland & Sesame Street were gonna be greeting me.





I remember one of the most memorable & inspirational moments in my childhood. It was a total Napoleon Dynamite scenario lol! Ha-ha I have no idea nowadays what possessed me, in spite of being so despised for no good reason, to enter the school’s talent show in the third grade.


I knew I was gonna get beaten up or completely ridiculed but all I remember was wanting to make music so so bad that I didn’t even consider the consequences. I was so used to being hated anyway that for some odd reason the idea of getting to sing and perform completely over shadowed the reality of the situation. I somehow put together a band consisting of the misfits in my school lol and choreographed and dressed us. (Seems like nothing much has changed today ha-ha!) I couldn’t wait to get on stage and sing! Without any real consideration of my fears, unlike nowadays when I get so nervous before a show, back then all I could think about all day & all night was when would I finally get on that stage! I couldn’t breathe properly till it happened. I’ll never ever forget it! The same students who hated me for being Iranian all stood up cheering, just going nuts and running towards the stage as if I wasn’t the same person who they wanted to beat up everyday! To my surprise the whole school stood up and I received a big standing ovation! I was totally expecting and willing to take the punishment that I was certain would be coming my way, simply because I was so happy just to get to sing & perform! I always knew that I came into this world with only one true desire and that I was willing to have to overcome anything for it. I was beyond happy that I was finally being received with an open heart and even more flattered that it was for something that meant everything to me, which has always been music. It was one of my biggest G-D winks up to date. My mom remembers it till this day. My teacher told her that she needed to immediately take me to Hollywood! :) I guess even at that age the music set me free. Maybe the situation in Iran was meant to set me free in more ways than I could have ever realized back then.” – Shirley Levi


Read all three parts of the interview here:


Shirley Levi’s Hit Songs “Your Eyes”, “Do U Luv Me?”

& “Treat Me Right!” have reached over 1,600,000 plays!!




Shirley Levi’s Profile on Hitlab:


Watch Akon’s Personal Message to Shirley Levi:


Watch Shirley Levi’s Video Response to Akon:



“BREAK FREE” Shirley Levi’s album on itunes


"I take deep, spiritual, and visionary ideas and then simplify them in my music so that they can be easily understood. I tend to see the world in a very fairytale-like way. My music really reflects that purity which seems to draw little kids who respond very strongly and enthusiastically to it. My album Break Free contains inspirational lyrics for anyone who is following their dream. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST. Don't wait for someone else to make it happen. See your own vision through till the end no matter what. I gave birth to my songs as a means to survive and overcome my own personal struggles. "BREAK FREE" represents my quest to be heard and to reach my full potential in this life. It was also intended to help others on their quest to find their own voice and go after their dreams. I had so many faithless influences in my life, which as I look back at in retrospect really helped to serve as G-D's intention to make me fight as hard as I could! Of course luv is quite present in my work as well. I am definitely a lover at heart. Who says you can't be a lover and a fighter?" - Shirley Levi


Listen to Shirley Levi’s Album “Break Free:



Shirley Levi’s music and performances are theatrical, epic and extremely dynamic. Unlike most artists who stick with the same formula, Shirley's songwriting, production, and emotional dynamic in her vocals and melodies are extremely diverse. Her intense stage presence and attitude outshines even seasoned performers. Because she is a self-taught hit-maker with the ability to write, sing and speak in so many languages & genres flawlessly, Shirley Levis appeal crosses generational, cultural & gender boundaries. Shirley Levi is gaining notoriety and creating a big buzz in Hollywood with her unforgettable performances on the same stages that helped break Amy Winehouse, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones and many other top artists.





Hot Remixes by DJ Tash, Dj Sephora, Levente & Zedek Djah


Because of Shirley Levi's fierce, determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her hit songs, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it first launched in 2007. Shirley Levi is currently The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab. Her hit songs are also featured and growing on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio on over 750 stations across the USA. Shirley Levis music is also being played on radio stations all around the world. Hit tracks, like "Your Eyes", have been remixed by some of the top DJs around the world and have reached the top of the dance charts all over Europe.



Shirley Levi’s Music Remixed by Top DJs Around the World:


More Hot Tracks!!!


The Top Timeless Dance Tracks

Featuring Madonna, Michael Jackson, Blonde,

Shirley Levi, Katy Perry and more!




Shirley Levi Featured on Top 10 Timeless Dance Tracks in itunes:






Shirley Levi was chosen as Top Music Video Director by Drew Barrymore & Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes for the VH1 pilot “Clash of the Music Videos”







Shirley Levi Writes, Directs, Produces & Edits

all of her own videos!


“I starting writing, directing, producing & editing all my own videos which really helped me to stay true to my creative vision and to develop my own unique style in making Music Videos.” ~ Excerpt from Shirley Levi’s Interview with Kristen Lowman in Music & Moxie


        Watch All of Shirley Levi's Videos:



ACTIVIST ~ Shirley Levi’s Charity called “Music On My Shoulder”


Music On My Shoulder was founded as a non-profit by Shirley Levi as a means to grow her charitable works. Her efforts as an artist and activist are to give victims a voice, to help raise money and awareness for the disadvantaged, and, by example, to encourage others to help. Music On My Shoulder is also designed by Shirley Levi to help bring attention and support to other nonprofits & people trying to make a difference in the world!




The Purpose of Shirley Levi's charity work is to use the power of MUSIC & ART to help with Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All, Peace & other Humanitarian Issues, which affect mankind's well being, in America & around the World. Shirley Levi also supports artists rights and believes that EVERYBODY should have a voice and a forum for self-expression. She believes that the mainstream media does not reflect the true voice of authentic artists and is fighting to change that! Shirley Levi is a REBEL WITH A CAUSE!


Since Shirley Levi was very young she has been inspired to help affect and change the world through her visionary music & art. Throughout the years she has come to be known as a "Visionary Soul-Dier of the streets and the underground". She has given generously of her time, creations, videos, heart and spirit to help inspire others to do the same by using their special talents to address the important issues, which face us every day!


CLICK HERE to WATCH the video of Shirley Levi's interview on Indies In Motion!
Indies in Motion  Internet Radio Featuring Independent Rising Stars!

"Your middle name is H-O-P-E!" "Definitely a force to be reckoned with!" "You are an involved person making things happen. You don't just talk about it or sing about it, you are on the frontline!"
- Rick Mizuno, Indies In Motion

"When it comes to looking for a recording artist that is not afraid to share her gift or voice her thoughts on issues that matter, look no further than Shirley Levi. She is giving a voice to those who feel abandoned and believe that they are forgotten. In 2012 she has shown herself to be not only a lyrical force but an activist for causes that matter to her as well, namely bringing attention and awareness to Autism." - Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine

READ Shirley Levi's interview about Autism Awareness in CONVERSATIONS MAGAZINE,
available on newstands nationwide November 26th, 2012. Visit their website HERE

to LISTEN to Shirley Levi interview on DC Now Radio

"The ICAA Radio episode for 8/23/2012 was Shirley Levi, songstress, artist & activist. Shirley is on a mission to make the world a better place. Her bright spirit of hope, love and friendship is an inspiration and instant boost for the soul."

"Not to take anything from any of the other great guests, but Shirley has to be my favorite guest of all time now. It was like talking to a good friend. Listening to Shirley Levi is good for the spirit!"

"She's a very rare gem in this world."

"The stuff icons are made of."

"WOW! Great show! You're shining a light on the big, beautiful world. Thank YOU!"

"Thank You for your beautifully fierce voice. We will make it to DC."

- Emily Malabey, ICAA Radio

Click here to find out more: ICAA Talk Radio

Listen: ICAA Interview

Shirley Levi continues her Autism Awareness efforts
with the airing of her Anthem "Anne Marie" on Indie 103.1

CLICK HERE to watch behind-the-scenes footage of the radio interview featuring Shirley Levi, Recording Artist, Activist & Founder of Music On My Shoulder on Autism American Radio with Nick Geber.

A special interview with Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi, founder of Music On My Shoulder, who has written the Autism Awareness Anthem "Anne Marie". Shirley Levi featured on a segment of Autism America Radio, Sat. June 30th 2012 @ 4pm PST!! Sirius/XM Family Talk channel 131 - With over 35.5 Million listeners internationally, this is going to be a big show!

Also a FREE Live Stream on Live365!

Another important interview!
Autism Radio's show Hope Saves The Day also features a special interview with Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi, founder of Music On My Shoulder, who has written the Autism Awareness Anthem "Anne Marie". Monday, July 2nd at 5pm PST Also at Hopesavestheday itunes store and rebroadcast on FM Stations KJRX-FM, Hot 93, Absolute102 and F-150 Country throughout the week!





“Anne Marie” for Autism Awareness by Shirley Levi


Help support Autism Awareness by playing Shirley Levi’s friendship ballad “Anne Marie” dedicated to the cause!


Read Shirley Levi’s Mission Statement and Listen to “Anne Marie”



Shirley Levi’s numerous radio interviews and TV performances for Autism Awareness have helped to spread her messages around the world!




Listen to Shirley Levi’s Radio Interviews:


Even before Shirley Levi began to speak she already knew that music, singing and performing were her true callings. She always knew that she was destined to flee Iran and come to America to pursue her dreams. Before moving to the USA, while on a trip to New York, her parents heard the name Shirley and fell in love with it. That's how, even before they knew they would eventually escape Iran, she came to be given the American name Shirley. Coincidentally, Shirley Levi means "Sing to me from the heart" when translated from her mom's native language of Hebrew. This validates even more that Shirley Levi was meant to sing from the heart! As a proud & patriotic US citizen who was once an immigrant, Shirley Levi is making the most of her freedom by expressing her strong voice through her music and art.



Her messages are inspiring a generation who never thought they'd have a voice or find personal and artistic freedom. A great deal of her musical works, art and designs pay homage to American culture and its spirit of independence. 

Although English is her primary language, Shirley also sings in Hebrew, Spanish & Farsi. In songs such as "Lyon of JerUSAlem" (English and Hebrew) and "Anne Marie" (English and Spanish), Shirley seamlessly blends two languages at once. "English became my first language and means of expression, but my ethnic background still roams in my blood."



Shirley Levi's Music Crosses All Barriers as her songs spread into Spanish-Language Markets in the USA, Mexico, Central America and South America!

Don't miss Shirley Levi's TV performance of her new song "The Most Beautiful Sara in the World" for the first time exclusively on Azteca America's top-rated show "Entre Nos" for Mother's Day FRIDAY May 11th @ 10 am!! CHECK THE FLIER FOR DETAILS & CHANNELS IN YOUR CITY!

Watch Shirley Levi's special performance & interview on Azteca America's top-rated TV show "Entre Nos" for Autism Awareness!




Shirley Levi in a Special TV Interview & Performance of “Anne Marie” in Spanglish for Autism Awareness on Telemundo’s

hit show “De Todo Un Poco”




Watch Shirley Levi's Interview & Performance on Telemundo:



Shirley Levi featured in Planeta Alternativo









Shirley Levi Interview with Planeta Alternativo:



Shirley Levi's Music on Latin America Radio

















Shirley Levi ~ Visionary Painter



                                    “Re-Bel”                                               “Music On My Shoulder”


As well as being a Recording Artist/Activist, Shirley Levi is accomplished, self-taught painter who paints the spirit, experimenting with anything she can get her hands on to make her visions come to life. They are breathtaking, symbolic landscapes of the emotions and spiritual explorations, which she has embarked on throughout her life. Many of her paintings are also visual journeys through her music and lyrics, containing many of the same titles and themes. They are mystical and prophetic, based on her personal dreams, visions and struggles.



                                                “Break Free”                                            “Office in the Sky”


Although self-taught there are elements of Symbolic Art, Abstract Art, Classical Greek Art, Roman Art, French Impressionism & Expressionism all mixed with the figurative in a whimsical, childlike furor of emotion. Shirley Levi's paintings are currently in private collections all around the world and are highly regarded as visionary, captivating and thought provoking.   



Shirley Levi's new line of apparel called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand by her fans that admire her unique personal style & attitude. With very little money for wardrobe and an anarchist-like vision for expressing her creative, unique & edgy fashion sense, Shirley Levi began to create her own personal signature style of wardrobe by painting, cutting & remaking her clothes like art. Her T-Shirley line will stand for her fierce voice & independence as a determined underground artist who's Music & Art aims at helping the world!!



The Boxer was created to symbolize the spirit of the fighter in all of us, fighting to "Break Free" and reflects the messages from Shirley Levi's Music & Art. Her T-Shirley line will stand for her fierce voice & independence as a determined underground artist who's Music & Art aims at helping the world with slogans like "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!", "FUTURE BELONGS TO US!", "RUN!" & "BREAK FREE".  Shirley Levi is REBEL WITH A CAUSE and now you can be one too!!





“Future Belongs To Us!”

~ From “Re-Bel” by Shirley Levi


“RUN!” ~ From “Re-Bel” by Shirley Levi



“Who says I can’t be a luver and a fighter!” ~ Shirley Levi





All Original Content Copyright 2012 ~ Shirley Levi / Re-Bel Visionary Music