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"Meet Shirley Levi, an inspired and inspiring artist that doesn't let anything stand in her way. Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Musical Maverick are all apt titles but in the opinion of Your Girl in Music, Dreamer perhaps suits her best. Her epic (think Beowulf) journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend."
- Kristen Lowman, Music + Moxie

Shirley Levi debuts her song "Re-Bel"
on Indie 103.1 with legendary DJ Jonathan L.
this Jan 14th & Feb. 4th

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Shirley Levi's "Inferno" shows a people's longing for restoration of a light and sound portal.


I highly recommend Shirley Levi's video "your eyes". Shirley's video is sort of a modern day Dante's Inferno. As the introductory page describes the video: "The special powers she channels from G-D, and creation are manifested through the headphones she receives in the beginning of her journey on the streets from a homeless DJ. She transfers her inspiration and energy by zapping people with the headphone chord like a magic wand, inspiring them to dance and to feel empowered. The video was shot in the streets and metro of Hollywood representing the *city of angels* where dreams and imagination can come to life after a series of tests we must initially pass. *The woman's temptations play a big role in her tests. She fights to keep inspirational headphones on*. Her fierce velocity and determination of spreading her inspiration and message through music and creation is replenished by passing it on to others." The whole piece is not only reminiscent of Dante's Inferno or the Magic Flute but it is also reminiscent of the ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Egyptian Temples where participants also listened for a still small voice and sought light from the upper worlds by making prayer circles and performing joyous circle dances. This emphasizes a point I made in an earlier post. The Jews (and most Christians for that matter) haven't gotten over the loss of the temple in the first century of the common era. Shirley gives us a glimpse of what the temple was about. She talks about "channeling from G-d." Well information is transmitted from upper to lower worlds in the form of SOUND and LIGHT. The ears of course are the organ we normally hear with. Thus to put things in a modern idiom her connection with the still small voice is a pair of headphones. Her connection with the light from the upper world--her Urim and Thummim (lights and perfections) is "your eyes". However, and perhaps Shirley herself misses this point, in order to draw down light from the upper world a group of people must unite in faith to form "an eye" or prayer circle. This is hinted at in Psalm 24 where participants in the temple are referred to as the Circle who seeks the presence of Jacob (at Beth-el).[The concept of a prayer circle is found in other ancient civilizations. In Egypt the prayer circle is know as the eye of Ptah from which the g-ds Shu and Tefnut (Adam and Eve) are born (see the Shabaka Stone BM 498).] The eye is the instrument through which light passes from the upper world to the lower world at the request of the prayer circle. The apple of the eye represents the pupil which reflects the sun, and the Iris which reflects the sun in its spectral colors--the double rainbow being nature's chiasmupon which""angels" both ascend and descend. A vestige of the prayer circle made in the temple at Jerusalem survvies in the joyous circle dances practiced by the Jews to this day. Here is my comment to Shirley: Shirley, you have created some very interesting visual and aural images. Though you take us through a dark world, there is hope as the light of the sun is seen in "your eyes". The joyous circle dance represents the apple (or Iris) of the eye-- the prayer circle (see Psalm 24) that allows ;light to pass from the upper to the lower worlds. See my Blog at In this world "all good things must come to an end" but a cirdle or eye is without a beginning or end--a circle is one eternal round. My apologies for rambling --a more cogent presentation of these ideas can be found in my dissetation and in various posts I made to the old Ancient Near East list at the University of arial. I am not Jewish but I have great respect for Jews such as Shirley who seek the light from the upper worlds...Its a very interesting "Temple" Shirley has created in her music video. Her "Temple" is complete with its prayer circle and the joyous circle or round dance. As I remarked earlier the Jews very much long for the restoration of the real Temple. Likewise the Christian world envies the temple the Jews once had. Where is the temple in the world today where there can be commucation in sound and light form upper worlds? Do we still believe these upper worlds exist? What can we learn from them? Shirley's video seems to indicate that the intelligence transmitted is pure joy. Though the City of Angels is a very dark world, by avoiding temptation Shirley is able to hear the angelic choir and to make the joyous circle dance. The circle dance or the prayer circle is the "eye" that detects the light sent down from the upper world.   Shirley has put ancient thought iinto the modern idiom of the music video.   Its quite fun to watch her accomplish this feat. I will be looking for more great art from Shirley. aloha,

- Randall Larsen


5 Stars Wow! Wow! Wow!

Reviewer: Kevin Stark This album makes me smile. You are so beautiful. Your voice is heavenly. I want to "Break Free" too.

5 Stars Mental Affair :)

Reviewer: Danny Grant YOU ROCK MY WORLD. I had a Mental Affair about U. GREAT album.

5 StarsGIRL POWER!!!!

Reviewer: Maggie L. Every once and a great while an artist comes along that really inspires me to open my eyes and see the world in a different way. Shirley Levi's music is one of those rare artists. Her music inspires me to do something for myself. To empower myself. GIRL POWER is where it's at, baby! I LUV your album!

5 Stars Shirley's music is powerful in every way. I love every track!

Reviewer: Aussie Musik Madnez, Roy Elbert.I love this album. I love all that this artist stands for. She is by far the most well rounded and intriguing electronic artist around these days.I must see her live judging from the energy of the album. I love the website as well. Keeps you well informed about her. She is definately gonna be big. Will keep my eyes out for you pretty lady!

5 Stars Shirley Levi's voice and beauty takes me back to the seventies.

Reviewer: Shahram AzedianShirley, I am an Iranian raised in Europe. I get you in a big way. I've never met or heard an artist to take all the best of these cultures and join them in the most unique and powerful way. You are also so beautiful! Me and my cousins are fighting over who would have a chance with you!Proud to buy your album dochtareh choshkeleh. asheretam.

5 Stars I can feel her presence and emotion and she lifts me everytime.

Reviewer: Electronika Big Apple, Angelyne LernerI want to say that I have worked in this business for most my life and never have I come across an album that makes spirituality so clear. This artist's simplicity comes from her intense depth and ability to express her struggles to be heard through a talent most artists never obtain.I am not a big electronic fan but this artist could have sang in japanese hymn and i would still feel her gift entering my emotion. I LOVE "Daddy Boy" especially, "Mental Affair", "AnneMarie", and "break free". No matter what style of music you listen to ....Shirley Levi will change your mind with her spiritual uplifting and inspiring work. Keep it up girl! 5 Stars

The Levi anti-depressant

Reviewer: Mary ElizabethAll I can say about this gorgeous "LEVI" Girl is that she inspires me with her music. The blend of electronic, pop and rock music generates all this adrenaline in my body that I can't stop listening to her music. Her music is an anti-depressant. Forget about Paxil, Effexor, Xanax and all those addictive prescription drugs. Shirley's music is the best drug.

5 Stars Great Music!

Reviewer: Pete Y.Shirley brings alot of energy to along with her music. I absolutely love all these tracks.

5 Stars Music from the Heart

Reviewer: LyroisShirley's music is inspiration and hope. Listening to her voice has changed my life. Play it again and again. Some things get even better over time.

She Rocks!

Reviewer: The JamesonsShirley Levi, She rocks! Her voice and her lyrics are great. We have seen her in concert and she is so energetic and incredibly talented! Daddy Boy, Rebel and Mental Affair are the bomb. We're definitely looking forward to buy her 2nd CD. We Love you Shirley

Levi is a kindred spirit who inspires me through her music and lyrics.

Reviewer: J.H.Shirley is one unique cat. I actually attended her last show. Damn, that girl can perform! Her CD conveys an honesty and vulnerability that one seldom sees in today's music. I feel like her soul is open for all to see, with lyrics that touch people from all walks of life. I am definitely looking forward to her next CD release!

I received the cd, I put it on and it blow me away!!!! you can't miss.

Reviewer: M.S.BI want to thank the Artist: Shirley Levi for putting together her spirit in words, and for showing her talent through her voice and own production. Now a days, no artist comes with what this girl has... she is the composer and producer of all the lyrics and songs, and on top of that she is the one who sings them and the one who gets on stage and Rock the room. Shirley thanks for the House of Blues Show, you are the best!!!!


Reviewer: BionicMusicA truly inspiring album. Forget about Britney and all the other dumb blondes with nothing to say. This girl has a real voice.

Love her music

Reviewer: J.C.O.I have her entire album on my ipod and take it with me everywhere I go. I love the passion in her voice and her inspiring lyrics.

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