"I bought your song "Break Free" and it literally touches my heart. It makes me want to follow my heart and feel ok about it. Thank you so much for moving me to follow my dream." - Pet B

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Recent mention of Shirley Levi's appearance on Telemundo performing "Anne Marie" in Spanglish , and mention of other songs where Shirley Levi experiments with Spanish/English translations, from the University of Tampere, the largest University in Finland. Spanish Influence on American English: Past and Present Introduction to American English - Department of Translation Studies.


Shirley Levi's Autism Awareness campaign called, "MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER"


"I have a very special place in my heart for autism. I've made it my mission to use the undeniable power of MUSIC and ART to reach out to all people and help raise awareness about autism. I've learned much by working with such special people and feel that music and art can best portray their special qualities and spirit. They deserve to have a voice. I choose to focus on their abundance of beauty and special qualities rather than focusing on their social disabilities because that is what shines through in my eyes. I've created a painting called, "MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER", based on a sketch of a dove made by a very special autistic and ARTISTIC woman I worked with named, Anne Marie. I wanted her to witness her talent manifested into a tangible reality. Her gifts inspired me to see way beyond her social disability. I also wrote a song about her special spirit. I believe that my song, "Anne Marie" will help others see the spirit of autism in the same light as I do. Music and art are a powerful tool in helping raise awareness of issues that surround us every day yet remain unseen. Personally, I also really believe that we must give special attention to those who are ALREADY HERE with autism and help them to nurture their special gifts instead of treating and seeing them from just a cold, technical, and medical perspective. THEY ARE SPECIAL AND THEY ARE HERE. Every one of them that I've worked with has had a very unique gift.

While it is great that we look for a cure and look at preventative measures, we must also give special attention to those who are ALREADY HERE and make sure that we nurture their special gifts and praise them with special and positive attention. Another part of this campaign is that we also help family members and others who are not in the autistic community the opportunity to recognize all the positive gifts these very special people can contribute to our society. I plan on exposing their talents, especially musicians, and believe that *their gift/work will speak for itself*. That is the goal of my campaign." -Shirley Levi





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